Mission n°35!

Hello kiddies!! Did you have a nice weekend? Today we are having meet and we will start a new unit!

This is what we will do in the meet session:

Look at the picture. What can you see as you zoom in?

Listen to the farm animals song!

Before or after the meet you will do the following:

Today we start a new unit!! Listen to Caio from Junior 2! He has so many interesting things to teach us about his farm!

Listen to the animal sounds and match!

Farm animals, una ficha interactiva de _MissLuisi_

Let’s practise tricky words!

Now do the following bits!

Do this activity now. Listen and match!

Tricky words, una ficha interactiva de cataperkins

Open your booklets on page 18. Practise reading and writing the tricky words!

Good job kiddies! You worked so well!!

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